Heyne's Garden Centre

Vegepod Small



Vegepods are ideal to grow fresh veggies! Small enough to fit in a courtyard, large enough to grow any vegetable you like.

Set up is simple, just slide and click the panels together and bolt to the base containers to create a single, large solid garden. The Vegecover is easily assembled and attached to the garden via a unique hinged system allowing easy access to all of your plants. Not only does it protects your veggies from pests but it creates its own micro-climate to promote excllent growth.

Self-watering / Easily raised (stand sold separately) / Portable

Small (110 litres): 60L potting mix, 25L compost and 25L perlite.
Medium (220 litres): 120L potting mix, 50L compost and 50L perlite.
Large (440 litres): 240L potting mix, 100L compost and 100L perlite.