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APOLLO IMPROVED – Produces crops of smooth, round fruit of a medium size. Early to mid-season variety that requires staking.

BEEFSTEAK AND BIG BEEF – These varieties produce large flat, globe shaped fruit. Staking required.beef steak tomatoe

BLACK RUSSIAN (HEIRLOOM) – Produces round, smooth fruit with a creamy texture and an unusual dark plum colouring.

BURKE’S BACKYARD – Voted Best Home Garden Tomato by a panel of food and gardening experts. An early fruiting and tall growing variety requiring staking, which bears large and juicy tomatoes in abundance. Single plants can be grown in large pots or containers. Note: this variety may lack some disease resistance in South Australia.

BURNLEY BOUNTY – Vigorous and tall growing plant requiring staking. Produces green shouldered globe shaped fruit of a medium size. Late season tomato.

COCKTAIL – A vigorous plant that has tasty golf ball size fruit. Tomatoes are produced in abundance per truss, which are best picked when fully ripen.

FIRST PRIZE – Very sturdy and compact plant suitable for tubs. Produces round to oblate fruit of small to medium size.

GROSSE LISSE – A tall growing, heavy yielding variety with round, medium to large size sized fruit of excellent eating quality. Mid to late season variety requiring staking.

INDIGO RUBY (GRAFTED VARIETY) – A new variety of tomato boasting a high concentration of antioxidants. A plum shaped, cocktail sized fruit.

MAMMA’S DELIGHT – Easy to grow variety bearing round fruit of excellent flavour. A medium sized, mid-season variety ideal for growing in large containers.

MIGHTY RED – A variety that produces crops of large and full flavoured fruit of flat globe shape with slightly green shoulders. Due to large size of plant, trellis is advised.

OX HEART – A variety producing large, heart-shaped and fleshy fruit and is low in acid. A medium sized, mid to late season tomato which requires staking.

POT ROMA – This high yielding, dwarf variety produces fruit of an oval shaped fruit. This variety is suitable for confined spaces but will require staking.

RED PROFUSION – A trailing hybrid tomato, popular for large baskets and containers due to its attractive mounding habitat that becomes evenly covered in scarlet fruit. This variety produces small tomatoes.

ROMA – A medium sized bush type which bears an oblong, bright red fruit. Dwarf early variety that does not require staking.roma

ROUGE DE MARMANDE – An excellent bush type which is ideal for container growing. Bears flat, globed shaped fruit with a distinctive ribbing. Early tall variety that may require staking.

SWEET BITE (CHERRY TOMATO) – A variety bearing large clusters of full flavoured, cherry type fruit approximately the size of a ten cent piece. An early to late season fruiting variety. Tall variety which may require some form of support e.g. low trellis.

TUMBLERS – Considered the best variety for hanging baskets and pots. This highly productive, extra-early variety produces sweet, cherry type tomatoes.

TUMBLING TIGER – A semi compact variety that produces a strong trailing plant around. Dense foliage makes the plant hardy to harsh sunlight. Produces red striped fruits with a full flavour with this variety boasting a long harvest period.

GRAFTED TOMATOES (Grosse Lisse, Mighty Red and Roma) – Extremely vigorous growing varieties which develop into large plants with many leaders and bountiful crops. Because of the quality of the fruit produced, they require secure staking or training along a fence. Fertilize every four weeks and provide good, deep watering during hot weather. *Important* Remove all growth from below the graft.


CHERRY ROMA – This early season variety produces sweet and spicy fruits of a small size. Requires staking.

GREEN ZEBRA – A distinctive green variety that develops yellow stripes when ripe. The colouring provides an added bonus of confusing pests.

LEMON DROP – Sweet, large cherry tomatoes of a golden colour. Tart flavour that is good for salads.

TOMMY TOE (HEIRLOOM)-A rediscovered heirloom variety which was voted winner of the Great Tomato Taste Test. Produces masses of small fruit over a long period of time. A tall growing mid to late season variety.tommy toe

TIGERELLA – Digger’s Club claim this to be their highest yielding variety – producing up 20kg of fruit per plant with the right conditions. Produces delicious fruits with a distinctive red-yellow stripe.tomato tigerella1