Soil Improvers and Mulch


Amgrow All in One Organic Food & Compost 30 lt

COM Organix All in One 30LIdeal for fruit vegetables flowers and garden beds. A blend of organic materials composted with poultry manure to add valuable organic matter to the soil. The addition of Zeolite and Organic Xtra ensures complete garden care both conditioning and nourishing the soil.

  • BFA Certified.
  • Contains Poultry Manure, Composted Seaweed, BioActive Compost, Blood & Bone, Bloom Boosting Potash, NutriPlus Fertiliser, Feather & Fish Meal.

SA Compost 30lt

COM SA Composters 30LPerfect for incorporating into soil prior to planting. Matured compost is a 100% organic soil improver containing primary nutrients as well as trace elements, humus, and humic acids, in a slow release form. Compost improves soil porosity, drainage, aeration and moisture holding capacity at the same time as reducing compaction.

  • Increases water and fertiliser holding capacity.
  • Builds rich living soil.
  • No unpleasant odour.
  • Concentrated by the natural compost process.

Jeffries Veggie and Garden Soil 30lt

COM Jeffries Veggie Garden Soil 30LJeffries Veggie & Garden Soil is perfect for veggie and garden beds. Particularly good for raised beds, this soil mix resists compaction and is high in organic matter.

  • Highest level of organic matter of all Jeffries soils.
  • Open structure, meaning it is a free draining mix and resists compaction (often a problem in raised gardens).
  • Provides plants with vital organic nutrients.
  • Promotes healthy root establishment and growth.

Brunnings Cow Manure 25lt

COM Brunnings Cow Manure 25LCow manure is one of nature’s oldest soil conditioners. It not only improves the structure of the soil but is high in nutrients for healthier trees, shrubs and gardens.
Brunnings Cow Manure is a high quality product. Genuine cow manure, not blended and has been properly composted to minimise smell and improve texture. Ideal for all garden beds.


Neutroge Gypsum 20kg

COM Neutrog Gypsum 20KGGypsum improves the structure and drainage of heavy clay soil, making soil more workable and deceasing the risk of root rot.. Is easy to apply and last several years.

  • Will not affect soil acidity.
  • Fine Form.
  • High natural source of Calcium and Sulphur.
  • Help prevent the build-up of salts in soil.
  • Gypsum can also be used as an additive to compost heaps. Adding gypsum at 1kg per cubic meter will meter will improve the quality of  finished compost.


Brunnings Easy Wetta Mulch 40lt & 70lt

MUL Brunnings Easy Wetta 70LBrunnings Easy Wetta Mulch is a rich organic blend, composted to become a humus based mulch. It improves soil structure, acts as a barrier to sun and evaporation, reduces soil temperature and encourages better root growth.

  • Contains Easy Wetta Soil Wetting Granules to further improve soil structure and enable the soil to hold both water and nutrients longer.

Jeffries Recover Mulch 50lt

MUL Jeffries Recover 50LJeffries Recover Mulch, natural looking mulch full of composted organic matter that will also condition your soil. Will help to suppresses weed growth, improves water retention and insulates plants against extreme temperature.

Peats Soil Pine Chips 56lt

MUL Peats Pine Chips 56LA timber mulch in a very natural golden color. Excellent at keeping the water in plus easy to spread, a great mulch for any garden.

Peats Soil Red Gum Chips 56lt

MUL Peats Red Gum 56LHardwood chip from Eucalyptus calendulenses. Red-brown in colour. Excellent at keeping the water in plus easy to spread.







Farmer Tom’s Pea Straw

Farmer Tom’s Pea Straw is chopped pea straw, it’s an Australian owned and

MUL Farmer Toms Chopped Pea 50Lproduced product. It’s not only easy to handle, but an organic, environmentally conscious way to look after your garden. Perfect for the home vegie garden.
A clean product, free of weeds and contaminants.

  • Chopped pea straw.
  • Australian owned and produced.
  • Use to control weeds and improve soil.

Amgrow Sugar Cane Mulch

Sugar Cane Mulch is prepared from the leaves of sugar cane plants that are chopped. This product has an excellent ability to insulate the soil surface, conserve water and protect the soil and plant roots from extreme temperatures.

  • Certified Organic by NASSA.
  • Recycling of sugar cane leaves as a mulch provides significant environmental benefits.