Indoor plants

Please check for seasonality and availability of indoor plants variety by giving us a call, e-mailing or visiting the Nursery.

It’s time to bring the garden inside. Just as an outdoor garden creates a sense of peace, growing plants indoors can helps us to relax, just one plant per room can help purify the air.

With a huge selection of house plants available, planter boxes or large pots can be planted out with indoor plants of different growth, leaf shapes and sizes.  There is an immense range of colourful indoor foliage plants available to choose. A dull, dark corner with a skylight or artificial lighting can be turned into a miniature jungle with the right type of indoor plants. Try unusual foliage shapes, straight lines, and easy-care plants like Zanzibar Gem, Bromeliads and Sansevieria. 



When creating a garden indoors, think about the plants that will suit the interior style. Why not try big, bold indoor plants that create impact. Plants with textural foliage and sculptural shape such as the Dracaena marginate, lady palm or golden cane palm. Shade loving plants like Impatiens, Begonias, and even cyclamen make good temporary substitutes for cut flowers. They are a great way to bring some flowers in.

It’s time to bring back indoor plants.




Remember there is no such thing as an indoor plant in nature, only plants that will survive growing indoors. So make sure to look after them and don’t just neglect them.