Our great range of Hydrangea includes many varieties including rounded (Mop heads), Flat-top (Lacecaps) and some conical in a full range of colours and sizes. Whites, reds, pinks, purples, blues and all shades in-between.  These plants provide quite fabulous colourful flowers during Spring and Autumn and can be planted in part shade to full sun. Quite hardy and reliable, a must for any garden.

Tea Time Hydrangeas are a new varietiy that Heyes is now stocking. Tea Time Hydrangeas are easy to grow and will reward you with a wonderful flower display on a compact hardy shrub. The excellent branching ensures a well-balanced neat compact habit with enables plants to produce more flowers than other Hydrangea varieties. Flowers are medium sized mopheads. Tea Time will grow to 30cm in a pot; to 1.5m after 5 years when planted in a garden.

Strawberries and Cream/Blueberries and Cream are a lacecap Hydrangeas with a difference, blooms surrounded by cluster of lacy white buds. Are free flowering and very compact in habit.


FLOWERING: Late spring to summer. As with all Hydrangeas the soil acidity will contribute to the flower colour. SEE HYDRANGEAS FACT SHEET

CARE: Hydrangeas prefer a dappled shade position and moist conditions. Regular watering is recommended during the warmer months. Fertilize with a complete fertilizer in spring, prior to the flowering season. After flowering prune back into the green stem, this will encourage plant growth and flowering for the next season.