Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas cropSweet peas are an exquisite annual flower. The gorgeous old-fashioned vines bloom for about a month in spring. The long-stemmed sprays of fluted and ruffled blossoms produce an irresistible medley of fragrances. With their wide range of enchanting colours and shades of blue, red, purple, magenta, peach, white, cream and pinks, they’re well worth every gardener’s attention. February, March and April are the best months to plant sweet peas in Australia. Otherwise, just follow the Australian tradition and sow your seeds on St. Patrick’s Day (17 March). But don’t worry if you miss this as you can still plant into autumn.


Seed packets are available from late summer. Seedlings are available from mid-autumn. Sweet peas need plenty of sun and good drainage to grow well and are best grown in a soil that is slightly alkaline. They also love water and will grow vigorously in the right conditions. Unless you've selected a bush-type, sweet peas will need strings or a trellis of some kind to climb. Don’t use too much fertilizer (particularly high nitrogen fertilizer) or the plants will produce lush green leaves, but very few flowers. To keep sweet peas productive, cut flowers frequently and remove the faded blossoms. This will help to prolong the display and extend the season. Autumn is the time to start planting daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, iris, crocus and many more; all of which will provide stunning spring displays. Nothing looks better than a garden when it is full of spring flowering bulbs. With a range of colours, shapes and sizes, there are spring flowering bulbs to suit every garden. So drop in and choose from our new season spring bulbs and get planting. Special offer with every Mr Fothergill’s bulbs pack purchased get a free seed pack.