Bougainvillea4Bougainvilleas have become a prominent garden classic over the years, however new and diverse cultivars are often appearing in garden centres. These forms range from scrambling shrubs to vigorous climbers of varied sizes and compact habits. Bouganvilleas will grow happily in pots or in the ground, requiring a trellis or structure for the larger climbing varieties or growing as a small flowering shrub, such as the dwarf Bambino variety. They are typically evergreen but can appear to be semi-deciduous in colder climates. Available in a multitude of colours, these versatile plants create a showy display as a climber, ground cover, hedge, cascading feature or courtyard spectacle.

CARE AND MAINTENANCE: All forms of bougainvillea prefer a full sun position in well-draining soil or potting mix and will tolerate light frost. They appreciate a regular fertilising regime high in potassium for optimal flowering; however it is important not to add too much nitrogen as this can lead to leafy growth at the expense of the flower bracts. Minimal watering is required for established plants. Younger plants may be more susceptible to wilting and leaf drop if left dry for too long but are still low water users.