Spring Bulbs

buldscropAutumn is the time to start planting daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, iris, crocus and many more; all of which will provide stunning spring displays. Nothing looks better than a garden when it is full of spring flowering bulbs. With a range of colours, shapes and sizes, there are spring flowering bulbs to suit every garden. So drop in and choose from our new season spring bulbs and get planting. Special offer with every Mr Fothergill’s bulbs pack purchased get a free seed pack.


weedsThe germination of weeds following the recent summer rains has been extraordinary along with the vigorous growth of these weeds. Fortunately, new weeds are easily controlled while weeds are small. Freshly germinated weeds growing in path can be effectively destroyed with herbicides containing glyphosate or pine oil. Tip a small amount of white oil add

Keep and Eye Out

powermildewcThe onset of autumn brings cooler nights, dewy mornings and warm, sunny days. These are ideal conditions for fungal issues to form in your garden. Powdery mildew is particularly rampant, which can be identified by the appearance of a white/grey powdery substance forming on the foliage and sometimes on the stems. Also keep an eye out for black spot and rust. Treat these fungi as soon as they appear with spray-on fungicides such as lime sulphur or a fungicide product by a brand of your choice.