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lemons2Eureka: Ever bearing, matures most of the year, produces main crop during autumn-winter, but carry number of small crops during summer-autumn months. Produces medium to large juicy fruit with few seeds, also holds well on tree.Few thorns, has a moderate, open growth about 4m.

Lisbon: Main crop is produce in the autumn-winter months, can give year round supplies. Hold well on tree and produces large fruit withsmooth yellow thin rind, with a true lemon zest flavour.  A medium size tree about 3-4m, vigorous grower and quite thorny.

Meyer: Maturing over the Autumn-Winter months. Fruit is pale orange in colour when mature and round than most lemons. Sweet lemon, skin lacks the “lemon zest” flavour. It is fairly frost hardy and cold tolerance, ideal cooler climate lemon. The tree is small to medium in size making it ideal for growing in pots.

Thornless: Similar to the Eureka in growing habits, the difference is the fruit has a smooth skin, also when fruit is left on tree the skin remains finer than the Eureka.

Lemonade: Main crops mature July/August. With careful pruning and feeding small summer crop is possible. Fruitcontains few seeds, looks like a lemon but is segments in a mandarin fashion. The flavour is described as “lemonade like”, very mild can be eaten straight from the tree. Tree growth is vigorous and attractive.


grapefruiteMarsh: Consistent a heavy bearer, fruit matures over autumn and winter.Large, round fruit, with is thin-skinned. Pale to light yellow at maturity, with a smooth and even surface. It has few or no seedless and holds very well on the tree. Gowns very well in hot climates, in cooler climates the fruit tends to be thick skinned.

Ruby Red: Matures over autumn, this grapefruit is oblong is shape and has deep pink pigmentation in the rind and flesh, especially when ripe.

Wheeny: Earlier maturing than other grapefruit varieties, fruit ripping over autumn. Fruit develops very good flavor (Lemon like) and juice content, thin skin and but is very seedy. Grows well in cooler climates and more tolerate of cooler conditions then other grapefruit.


CumquatGreen: Main crop in winter, with fruit several times a year, produces orange round fruit, prolific bearer, and very colorful tree when fruit is ripe.

Nagami: Fruit ripens mid to late winter and always crops heavily.  Oval shaped fruit, sweet of the cumquats. Unlike like other cumquats Nagami fruit can be eaten whole, skin and all. Flesh can be quite sour, but skin has a sweeter flavor, when eaten together is very refreshing. Dwarf in nature, making it idea for pots.

Mertifolia: Deep dark green shiny foliage with small pointed leaves, yellow to orange fruit, highly ornamental upright growth, with fruit that turns bright orange when ripe, but fruit is too sour to be eaten fresh.  Mertifolia is best grown in a warm protected position.


Please check on stock availability by calling us, emailing or visiting the Nursery as strawberries are seasonal

Strawberry3Alinta   is the first strawberry to fruit all year round – Traditional varieties only fruit for approximately five months. Bred in Australia, Alintia produces large, glossy berries with a fine flavour. Alintia is disease resistant and perfect for the home garden.  Season : All year round.

Amsterdam Roze is a sweet tasting, bi-conical, medium sized strawberry with attractive flowers in a stunning deep rose. The plants are compact and fruit throughout the entire summer period.

Hokowase is a sweet tasting, medium to large, wedge- shaped strawberry of Japanese   origin. Fruit are acid free and produced prolifically from early in the season. Season : Sept-Dec

Kamu A sweet flavoured, large, ruby red, wedge shaped strawberry. Season: September-December.

Kunowase A very sweet acid free Japanese variety.  Long and conical shaped fruit.  Season:  Dec/Jan

Red Gauntlet produces medium sized, sweet fruit on vigorous plants over a long period.


The delicious strawberries are perfect for desserts, garnishes and mouth  watering snacks. Season: October-December.

Schizam is a flavoursome, large, deep red, conical shaped strawberry  September-December.

Strawberry Pink A high yielding variety that produces pretty pink flowers, followed by abundant medium sized, sweet fruit Season: September-December.
Sumo  produces high yields of super large, fragrant, delicious fruit. Virus indexed certified.  Season: September-December..

Sweetheart produces a profusion of small, coreless, delicious fruit over a long period. The sweet tasting strawberries are perfect for desserts, garnishes and mouth  watering snacks.Season: October-December.

Strawberry2Tioga produces abundant large, sweet fruit on vigorous plants over a long season. The delicious strawberries are perfect for desserts, garnishes and mouth  watering snacks. Season: September-December.

Torry  Produces large firm Wedge shaped Fruit, ideal for warmer areas.
Season : Sept-Dec

Tri Star is a sweet  tasting , delicious strawberry. The mouth  watering fruit are produced early and the plants continue to produce a high yield  throughout the season. . Season: September-December.

Zdana is a new strawberry producing abundant, exceptionally large fruit ..  The tasty berries have a sweet fragrance and a low acidity content. Season :  November-March.

Strawberry4Planting Guide: Select a sunny section ensuring that the soil is well drained and friable. For best results add animal manure and compost. Cultivate thoroughly. Plant 40cm apart. Water well until established. Alternatively strawberry plants can be planted through black plastic. This reduces both weeds and watering while keeping the fruit clean. For small gardens strawberries can be grown in baskets and tubs. For best results use a premium potting mix and liquid feeding after plants are established. Strawberries need to be harvested regularly every three or four days as this enables new fruit to develop to full maturity. At the end of fruiting, trim off old yellow leaves and clean up any mouldy fruit still attached.