Pond Plants

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pondplants07 MarsileaPonds create peaceful and relaxing environments that help cool the air on a hot summer’s day. A place to relax, be inspired, or to entertain family and friends. A range of plants will give you the right balance for crystal clear water, creating habitat for a variety of creatures such as fish, frogs and even dragon flies. Your own mini ecosystem in the backyard.

Water gardens can be large or small. They can be a real feature in a beautiful glazed pot, on a balcony or a versatile way of bringing inspiration and tranquility into the renter’s garden.

No need to weed, mulch or compost. Apart from some seasonal maintenance and the occasional water top up, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the peace of your own backyard water feature.

N – Denotes Native Plant

pondplants06E – Denotes Evergreen  

D – Denotes Deciduous  

SD –  Denotes Semi Deciduous

Waterlilies nymphaea – Hardy – not available in winter

Prefers to grow in 45cm of water or up to 1.8m deep. Will tolerate some shade for part of the day, but requires 5 hours of sun for best flowering results. Comes in apricot, pink, red, white and yellow. Dies down in winter.

Lotus – Nelumbo nucifera (N) – pink – available from October to march

Submerged Aquatic plants

growing lilies potAponogeton distachyos- Water Hawthorn – avail winter

An attractive plant with white perfumed flowers and dark green strap-like floating leaves. It loves the cold & is good for Winter coverage. It is one of the few water plants to flower at this time. The plant can go dormant in warmer weather. Prefers semi-shade 20-40cms deep.

Ceratophyllum demersum (N) – Hornwort – E

A quick growing, rootless floating plant. Will develop roots if planted. Will grow in sun to shade. Being a fast grower it  can take up nutrients quickly making it a good competitor with algae.

Hydrocleys nymphoides – Water Poppy – D

A spreading water plant with oval to round leaves and yellow flowers in late spring into summer. Prefers full sun but will grow in shade. Up to 40cms deep

Ludwigia nutans – Water Primrose – E

Fast growing as a marginal, partially or fully submersed. Will creep across the water. Foliage becomes redder the higher the light levels.

pondplants01Marsilea mutica (N) – SD

Very attractive light green to rustic brown clover-like leaves that float on the water’s surface. Submerge pot in water up to 60cm deep. Will grow in semi-shade to full sun. Dies down in winter.

Marsilea drummondi (N) – SD

An attractive pond plant with attractive four-leaf clover like foliage which floats on or just above the water. Plant no deeper than 30-60cm

Myriophyllum  variifolium(N) – E

A vigorous native with dark green plumes on stems which trail across the water surface. Leaves can vary in shape & tip growth is highlighted with small pink-red buds & flowers in Spring/Summer. Ideal for protection & spawning of fish. Submerge 0-40cm deep. Prefers full sun to semi-shade.

Nymphoides geminate(N) – Fringe Flower – E

Attractive fully submersible plant with small round floating leaves. Star-shaped yellow flowers stand just above the water in summer. Submerge in water to 40cm deep. Frost tolerant

pondplants02Ranunculus inundatas(N) – E

Perennial herb that grows in wet mud, ponds or streams with leaves floating or submerged. Grows to 30cms. Has finely divided leaves and small yellow flowers in Spring/Summer. Loves a moist position or can be submerged to 20cm deep.

Villarsia reniformis(N) – Marsh Flower – E

Large kidney shaped leaves with yellow flowers on stems to 50cms. Will grow in boggy soils or ponds to 40cm deep where leaves float on the water surface.

Vallisnera spiralis(N) –Ribbon weed – E

Grass like plant with thick or thin leaves. Provides shelter for aquatic life. 20-40cms deep.


Marginal Plants

Creepers for shallow water

Bacopa monniera(N) – Water Hyssop – not available in winter

A creeping herb with small white flowers in summer and autumn.  Water Hyssop is an excellent plant for shallow and deeper ponds. Medicinally it is used to help with memory. To 40cms deep

pondplants03Crassula helmsii(N) –Swamp Stonecrop – E

Swamp crassula is a fast growing perennial.  This creeping plant forms dense mats of bright green small leaves & cream flowers from Spring to Summer.  It is ideal in shallow water or a moist position.

Myriophyllum  Creeper – D – Upright Water Milfoil

A very attractive plant with bright green feather like emergent foliage. Ideal for spawning & protection of fish. Submerge plant in water 20 to 40cms deep. Will grow in semi-shade to full sun.


Water Iris –  Various colours – Available spring and summer

Comes in a variety of colours – yellow, purple, white, bronze-red and flower in the Spring. Require only shallow water.


Lower growing marginal

Acorus calamus – D

A decorative hardy evergreen plant with glossy dark green iris-like leaves approximately 60-100cm tall.  It prefers a moist position or shallow water up to 15cm deep. It is ideal for pot watergardens.


Medium growing marginal

planta de myriophyllum aquaticum1[1]Mentha aquatica   – Water Mint – D

A perennial edible herb that grows to 1m.  It has heart-shaped toothed leaves with a strong mint scent & violet flowers in summer.  It prefers a semi-shaded position in moist to wet soils.

Saururus cernuus– Lizard Tail – D

Lizard’s tail or water-dragon, is a rhizomatous, deciduous, marginal aquatic perennial that typically grows to 60-120cms  tall in its natural habitat. In cultivation, it will grow to about 30- 60cms tall. Plant 15-20cms deep. Will also grow in shallow water or in moist, boggy soils. Best in full sun to part shade, but will flower in full shade.

Pontederia cordata– Pickeral Rush – D

Attractive plant with heart shaped, shiny green leaves and small blue flowers in spring and summer. Grows up to 60cm in height & in water up to 30cm deep. Must be moist at all times.Will grow in part shade to full sun.

Triglochin procera(N) – Water Ribbon – E

Wetland plant with long, slender strap-like leaves floating on the water’s surface. Can grow up to 2mtrs long. Will grow in shallow water in part shade to full sun. Erect flower spike is greenish-yellow to 30cm. Immerse the pot completely in pond so that the leaves float on the surface. Frost tolerant.


Tall growing marginal

pondplants03Colocasia esculenta– Taro – Edible – D

Moist to wet soils in full sun to part shade, however in the hot summers do best in part shade. A large, showy, marginal plant with heart-shaped, dark green leaves, taro can reach 5 feet tall and is often grown as a summer annual. Divide in winter or early spring.

Thalia dealbata – Asian Canna – D

Thalia dealbata is a vigorous aquatic plant. It can be planted in the pond, container or the bog garden. Prefers to grow in full sun. Grows about 1.2 to 1.8m

Zantedeschia aethiopica – White Arum Lily – E

Zantedeschia aethiopica minor – Mini White Arum Lily – E    Good in winter

Usually found in seasonally damp places. Known as Arum lilies or Calla lilies, they are a popular cut flower which can be fragrant.

Lythrum salicaria – Purple Loosestrife – D

Hardy, clump forming perennial growing up to 90cms. Will grow in part shade to full sun. Flowers are slender pinkish-mauve spikes.


Grasses and Sedges

pondplants08Acorus calamus – D

A decorative hardy evergreen plant with glossy dark green iris-like leaves approximately 60-100cm tall.  It prefers a moist position or shallow water up to 15cm deep. It is ideal for pot water gardens.

calamus variegatus – D

Variegated sweet flag is a deciduous, aquatic perennial with metre long bright green leaves with creamy, longitudinal stripes. Its flowers are insignificant, but its leaves are aromatic.

Baumea articulate(N) –Bamboo Reed – E

This is attractive native sedge which grows up to 2m in height in water up to 1m deep in full sun to semi-shade. It has drooping flowers/seed heads in summer and bamboo-like stems on older growth.  It is excellent for water features and makes a valuable habitat for water birds.

Baumea juncea(N) – Twig Rush –  E

Perennial spreading sedge with creeping rhizomes from which new vertical stems arise. 0.2-1.2m high. It forms dense colonies therefore is a good soil stabiliser. Prefers light soils with fairly constant moisture such as creeks, floodways, bogs, lake edges and even seasonally saline water.

Bolboschoenus caldwelli – Sea Club Rush – D

Erect perennial semi-aquatic plant growing 30-90cms that dies down in winter. Good bird habitat for saltmarshes and wetlands.

Carex appressar(N) –E

Dense tufted grass-like sedge semi aquatic. Grows well in water ways with occasional inundation. .5 -1.2m shade tolerant.

Cyperus alternifolius – Umbrella Grass – E

Umbrella Grass has graceful dark green, umbrella-like heads up to 1m in height. Will grow larger in a full sun position than in a partially shaded spot. position. It is frost tolerant and will grow happily on pond edges or submersed to 40cms.

– gymnocaulos (N) –Spiky Rush –  E

pondplants09 Thalia dealbataPerennial, clumping sedge, 0.35-1m high. Excellent soil stabiliser and oxygenator for sediment which in turn assists essential microbial activity. Grows on edge of ponds, bogs, waterways fresh or saline. Moderately salt tolerant but will not tolerate inundation for long.

 – papyrus – Egyptian – D

Cyperus Papyrus is a tall sedge (1.5 – 2.4m) from ancient Egyptians. It is a very popular plant & does well at the waters edge or in a boggy ground.  Its leafless triangular stems are topped with a dense head of fine branchlets. It prefers full sun and a mild climate.

– haspan – Small – D

A grass like plant with delicate slim leaves and flower spikes which give an umbrella like appearance. In warm climates it will need constant moisture or submerse the pot in the pond. Full sun is preferred in winter, but will take semi-shade through our hot summers.  Decorative marginal plant growing to 1m.

Eleocharis acuta(N) –D

A  wetland plant to 60cm tall, forming dense stands of upright cylindrical stems.
Used by waterbirds for nesting material and the seeds as a food source.
Prefers shallow water 10-30cm deep.

Gahnia filum(N)  – E – Chaffy Saw Sedge

A tussock-forming perennial with flat grassy leaves and brown flower spikes in spring and summer. Grows in coastal saltmarshes and wetlands and attracts moths and butterflies. Height about 1-1.5metres.

Ficinea  nodosa(N) –Knobby Club Rush – E

Popular plant for planting around pond margins. A fast growing perennial plant that forms clumps of upright, arching, dark green stems.  Brownish, globular flower heads are formed on the ends of the stems through the year.  It is a tough, hardy plant which thrives in full sun in a range of soils.  It tolerates waterlogging, salt spray and saline soils. It adds texture and colour to seaside gardens, ponds and water features.  It can also be used for general garden planting.


Water Plant Hardy Lily Red 1024x768[1]Juncus pallidus – Pale Rush – E

A tall rush growing 1.5-2m. This drought and frost tolerant erect tussock has dull green stems which produce pale flower heads. It prefers moist to wet soils in sun or shade.

Lepidosperma  longitudinale(N) – E

Fast growing sedge up to 2m with a shallow, spreading root system. Prefers a sunny position and occurs in salty estuarine rivers and swamps. A good bog plant for stabilising soil and providing habitat for smaller fauna especially frogs and birds. Will tolerate some inundation.

Miscanthus sinensis  –  zebrinus – bog plant

Useful as a specimen, in the border, or for mass planting As foliage dries and turns a light tan shade for the winter, trim to the ground in late winter or early spring. Divide clumps in spring before new growth appears. Height 180-240 cm .

Cladium(N) –Saw Sedge – E

pondplants10 vallisneria giganteaGrows in boggy areas and lakesides. It can be up to 2.5 metres tall, and has leaves with hard serrated edges and flowering stems 1–3 m tall bearing a much-branched inflorescence.

Schoenoplectus albescens– D- Candy Stripe Rush

A tall rush to 1.5m, with alternating cream & green stripes along the length of its cylindrical leaves. Plant to a depth of 20cm in pond or in permanently moist soil in a sunny to partly shaded position.

Restio tetraphyllus– Tassel Rush – E-bog plant

Hardy  rush up to 1.5m tall. Unusual bright green, finely divided feathery stems with brown flower spikes in spring and summer. Will grow in part shade to full sun. Prefers moist cool position to shallow water with some shade. Good cut flower (foliage). Frost tolerant. Attractive container plant.