Climbers can be prefect plant for along that narrow fence line or narrow space which is not wide enough to grow a shrubs or tree to cover the space. Select the right climber and not only will climbers provide an assortment of colourful foliage but a brilliant show of flowers and in some cases perfume to go with it. Heynes stock a variety of evergreen and deciduous climber’s.




Evergreen climbers: Bougainvillea sp, Ficus pumila “Climbing Ficus”, Hardenbergia sp, Hedera sp “Ivy”, Hibbertia scandens, Lonicera japonica “Japanese Honeysuckle” Pandorea sp, Pyrostegia venusta “Orange Trumpet Vine”, Rosa banksiae “Banksia Rose white/yellow”, Stephanotis floribunda and Trachelopermum jasinoides “ Star Jasmine”

Deciduous climbers: Parthenocissus tricuspidata “Boston Ivy”,Parthenocissus quinquefolia “Virginia Creeper”,Vitis vinifera “Ornamental Grape Vine”, Wisteria floribunda, Wisteria sinensis “Chinese Wisteria”.




Please check for seasonality and availability of climber’s by giving us a call, e-mailing or visiting the Nursery.