Please check for availability of tomatoes by giving us a calling, e-mailing or visiting the Nursery.

tomatoes 1

APOLLO IMPROVED – Produces crops of smooth, round fruit of a medium size. Early to mid-season variety that requires staking.

BEEFSTEAK AND BIG BEEF – These varieties produce large flat, globe shaped fruit. Staking required.beef steak tomatoe

BLACK RUSSIAN (HEIRLOOM) – Produces round, smooth fruit with a creamy texture and an unusual dark plum colouring.

BURKE’S BACKYARD – Voted Best Home Garden Tomato by a panel of food and gardening experts. An early fruiting and tall growing variety requiring staking, which bears large and juicy tomatoes in abundance. Single plants can be grown in large pots or containers. Note: this variety may lack some disease resistance in South Australia.

BURNLEY BOUNTY – Vigorous and tall growing plant requiring staking. Produces green shouldered globe shaped fruit of a medium size. Late season tomato.

COCKTAIL – A vigorous plant that has tasty golf ball size fruit. Tomatoes are produced in abundance per truss, which are best picked when fully ripen.

FIRST PRIZE – Very sturdy and compact plant suitable for tubs. Produces round to oblate fruit of small to medium size.