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Potted Colour

potted colour 1picture 7Potted colour is great way to add that splash of annual colour to brighten any spot in the garden.

Flowering annuals can be planted in pots, baskets or window boxes, or add amongst existing shrubs or used as a border to define and brighten the garden.

There are varieties of plants for all seasons and all aspects, from full sun to shade, short ones, tall ones or trailing. It’s possibly to find something wonderfully colourful, no matter what time of year as some potted colour flower in spring, some in summer, some in autumn and some in winter. The choice is yours come in as see Heynes range of colour.

Ground cover

This page is under construction at present


Ground covers play a big part in our environment. Whether they’re low and sleek or tall and bushy, groundcover plants do what they say. They cover the ground, help control weeds, conserve moisture in the ground, stop erosion of the soils and brighten up the garden. Making them perfect for covering large area or creating a dramatic planting effect. Ground covers come in many shapes and sizes. Ground cover plants grown outwards not upwards, some grow to around 50cm or so, other will lie low and hug the ground.

There are ground covers for Full Sun, Partial Shade, and Full shade, so come in and see our range. If we don’t have what you’re looking for feel free to ask us if we can source it for you.


Please check for seasonality and availability of Ground Cover variety by giving us a call, e-mailing or visiting the Nursery.






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