Button Squash

SquashButton Squash, are small vegetables, although available in other colours, the most common are the pale green and bright yellow ones. They are a great source of Vitamin C and the whole vegetable is eaten when cooked, including the skin and seeds. They have a delicious mild creamy flavour.

Button Squash are related to zucchini, pumpkins and melons and like these they grow on a vine with large leaves which shade their fruit from the hot sun. Vines will trail across the ground or climb a trellis if one is available.


Squash like a sunny position, at least six hours of sun. Before planting prepare the bed by digging in some compost and some Blood and Bone, Dynamic lifter or Rapid Raiser.  Plant seedlings about 60cm apart, this will allow room for the vines to spread.  If there is not much space, it’s best to provide the squash with a trellis or fences for the vine to grow over. If room is at a premium button squash can always be grown in a large pot, just make sure there is scope for the vine to spill over the edge and always use a premium potting mix. Water as required, remember that Button Squash like to be kept moist. If leaves start to go a little yellow fertilise.


Button Squash are a summer squash and as such should be picked when under-ripe because if left on the vine too long they become very tough.  Harvest when 5-10cm in diameter also picking the fruit will encourage new squash to grow.  Store them unwashed in a plastic bag in the fridge, as a summer squash they don’t have a long shelf life.